Bushings & Hubs

A taper locking bushing, also known as a taper bushing or taper fit bushing, is a locking mechanism typically used in power transmission drives to locate pulleys, sprockets, and couplings to shafts. Tapered locking bushings are pre-drilled and keyed to match the desired shaft and keyway diameter. The outside of the bushing is tapered to match the element bore, which is to be located on the shaft.

The tapered locking bushing is manufactured from precision cast iron and machined to a high-quality finish. It is computer etched for easy size identification and can be manufactured in steel or stainless steel upon request. Tapered bushings are available in both imperial and metric shaft sizes from 0.375″ to 5″ and from 9mm to 125mm. We also provide installation instructions for the bushings.

Tapered bushings with straight edges use an internal screw to help drive the bushing into the shaft, while split tapered bushings have a flange and a key to help provide more drive.

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